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What is a Bat Advent Calendar?

An Advent calendar is a special calendar used to count the days of Advent in anticipation of the December holidays (beginning on the 1.12 and ending on the 24th). You open one door every day and get a gift, a letter or a treat. For this year, I am organising this virtual one that gives you a fantastic bat paper every day and a short video synopsis narrated by a bat researcher. This is the first year I'm doing this but lets see if it catches on!

So, go to the Bat Calendar 2020 tab and sign up to get an email alert when the new post has drop.

Everyone here is just doing it for fun, but if you feel like doing a donation, we ask you to do it for the Teacher's Workshop Fund at the North American Society for Bat Research. Put in the comments Bat Calendar just to know what reach we had with this exercise or just donate 24 buck and we will know where it came from : )

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