• Luis Víquez-R

Day 17. All You Can Eat!

bonan matenon! (Esperanto if you where wondering)

Welcome back. Today Valeria Tavares (@ValeriaCTavares) is telling us the importance of natural history studies in science. She is guiding us through the wonderful paper by Santana et al (2011) about Micronycteris microtis. It's an interesting study that describes the diet range in terms of prey size and hardness. Let's get to it!

Santana SE, Geipel I, Dumont ER, Kalka MB, Kalko EKV (2011) All You Can Eat: High Performance Capacity and Plasticity in the Common Big-Eared Bat, Micronycteris microtis (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae). PLOS ONE 6(12): e28584.

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