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Day 10. Craving Some Pie? Maybe Thank the Bats First!

Howdy! (I'm running out of forms of hello)

So, Today we have a special presentation by Veronica Brown. Veronica is not only a fantastic researcher but is also the coordinator of the Teacher's Workshop at NASBR (She will tell you what is that whole thing about at the beginning of today video).

If you have been following from the beginning you may have notice that we didn't ask you for a credit card number! We are doing this for free BUT if you feel the holiday giving spirit we are asking you to donate 24 USD (one for each day, clever I know :) ) to the NASBR Teacher's Workshop fund

I'll make it easy for you here is the link -> Donate

Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy this fantastic paper :)

Braun de Torrez, E. C, V. A. Brown, G. F. McCracken and T. H. Kunz (2019). "Sympatric Bat Species Prey Opportunistically on a Major Moth Pest of Pecans." Sustainability 11(22): 1-17.

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