• Luis Víquez-R

Day 12. Bats to the Rescue!

Welcome back! Sorry for the delay in yesterday's post. There are some issues with the website but I'm trying to fix them this weekend.

Glad to see you back here! We are halfway through this advent calendar and today we have Rodrigo Medellín (@rodrigomedellin) introducing a fantastic paper publish earlier this year! Let's hear about how bats and Paella are connected to each other!

As always, remember that if you are enjoying this calendar, we are inviting you to donate to the Teacher's Workshop at NASBR -> Donate!!

Puig‐Montserrat, X., Flaquer, C., Gómez‐Aguilera, N., Burgas, A., Mas, M., Tuneu, C., Marquès, E. and López‐Baucells, A. (2020), Bats actively prey on mosquitoes and other deleterious insects in rice paddies: Potential impact on human health and agriculture. Pest Manag Sci, 76: 3759-3769

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