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Day 15. Island Hopping in the Bahamas

Welcome back!

Today continue discussing bats and their flies! Kelly Speer (@KellySpeer) will be our guide as we navigate between islands in the Bahamas and we hear this interesting story of bat dispersion and the consecuences it has in gene flow between populations!

Check it out!

Kelly A. Speer, Eli Luetke, Emily Bush, Bhavya Sheth, Allie Gerace, Zachary Quicksall, Michael Miyamoto, Carl W. Dick, Katharina Dittmar, Nancy Albury, David L. Reed "A Fly on the Cave Wall: Parasite Genetics Reveal Fine-Scale Dispersal Patterns of Bats," Journal of Parasitology, 105(4), 555-566, (24 July 2019)

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