• Luis Víquez-R

Day 23. Oh Snap! The Scorpion King Reins as Cacti Pollinator

We all love pollinators. The almost romantic stories of coevolution give us a sense of completeness. Then, enter the Pallid bats (Antrozous pallidus). Besides being immune to scorpion poison (hence my nickname for them: the Scorpion King), these fantastic bats have an unique technique for going for an occasional sip of nectar from the cacti. Listen to Winifred Frick (@FrickWinifred) tell us all about this unexpected results!

Winifred F. Frick, Ryan D. Price, Paul A. Heady III, and Kathleen M. Kay. 2013. Insectivorous Bat Pollinates Columnar Cactus More Effectively per Visit than Specialized Nectar Bat.

The American Naturalist 2013 181:1, 137-144

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